Emerging cultures are reshaping America, carving a riverbed where the waters of change flow. We’ve dubbed these emerging cultures Newstream. They’ve become part of the American fiber. They don’t live in a silo – they influence and are influenced by mainstream culture. We believe that as Newstream cultures continue to grow, they will be the perfect source of growth for brands.

Lapiz understands how to market to a culture within a culture by finding connections beyond ethnicity. We understand the values, interests and behaviors of Newstream cultures that are being underserved by mainstream campaigns.

As an agency, we focus our expertise on Newstream cultures. We help brands find connections that resonate with the people who form these cultures in order to fulfill our purpose: growing brands with Newstream cultures.


In this new era of consumer engagement, there’s no one path to success. Our services focus on both storytelling and storybuilding leveraging Paid, Owned and Earned Media.

Account Management:

Growth Opportunity, Business Strategy, Client Management.

Strategic Planning:

Brand Strategy, Research, Trends, Consulting.


Communication Planning, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Media Planning & Buying, Shopper Marketing, Analytics.


Communication Platforms, Branding Campaigns, Digital & Direct, Retail & Promotions, Content, Integrated Production.