Swimmer Close



Starring American swimmer Rebecca Soni (who would go on to win two gold medals and break three world records in London), this one-minute film starts by questioning our focus on the finish, only to remind us of the importance of the start – something no other company understands as well as Kellogg’s.

Husband Close



In this spot, we wanted our audience to understand that domestic violence goes beyond physical violence; it involves losing control over one's own decisions and living a life oppressed by fear. Only by reflecting this reality could we win the public's sympathy for our cause and collect donations for Mujeres Latinas en Acción.

Paternity Close

Chicago Latino Film Festival


We wanted to challenge the commonly held stereotype in the USA that all Latinos are the same. By showing how differently they react under the same circumstances, this piece set up the audience for the variety and richness of culture they were going to experience during the Chicago Latino Film Festival.




When a girl in Latin America turns 15, it’s a very special occasion. She is entering womanhood, celebrated by a traditional party called a quinceañera. Always supports the transition of the child into a woman, a beautiful evolution.

Coffee & Juice


Coffee & Juice

With Bounty Reusable, consumers can tackle more messes with the same sheet, so cleaning two different stains – like coffee and grape juice – is like cleaning just one.

Choose Close

The Cara Program


When options are limited, falling into a life of drugs and poverty might be the only option for many people. The Cara Program helps individuals affected by homelessness and poverty find quality employment. To raise awareness about the program, we created the “Choose” campaign to show that “life is a matter of choice.”